The project involved the removal of the old inefficient electric heating system and installation of distribution network, HIU and internal systems serving 272 flats.  The project is the flagship in what is hoped to be rolled out borough-wide as part of the cities heat network.  Energist Solutions were responsible for the technical and financial design and the project management alongside EIS.

The works were carried out by EIS contractors with Energist responsible for ensuring design, quality and performance standards were met.

As this was a retrospective installation, the key challenges concerned minimising disturbance for residents and addressing related building issues such as accommodating the existing building structure within our service design.  These were managed through careful project management and open dialogue with both the client and end-residents.

Services Included

  • Feasibility
  • Financial Design
  • Planning and M&E design
  • Modelling ECO and Private Investor funding
  • Tenant Billing Scenarios
  • Delivery of Heating Works

Works package consists of

  • D&B of Gas Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Communal Heating to two high rise blocks of flats in Leicester.
  • Removal of inefficient existing electric heating system
  • Further heat connections planned following completion of initial 272 properties.
  • Designed Funding model in partnership with EIS
  • Capital cost of works significantly reduced through value engineering