Industry Experts

We provide turn key solutions consultancy specialising in Energy, Sustainability and Renewable Technologies.

Work across a host of sectors, dealing with different scenarios and offering solutions specific to individual needs. Our ability to encompass all aspects of building design means we can adapt to each sector efficiently.

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Our experienced team are always on hand to offer support and advice whenever it is needed, ensuring our customers gain a cost effective solution and added value.

Pre Packaged Plant rooms

We keep your specific requirements in mind so that each system we design is tailored to your every need, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. Our pre-fabricated systems are delivered, fully assembled and ready for immediate installation, which reduces weeks of modern programming and development. We endeavour to provide the complete package as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure minimal downtime.


We provide award-winning, highly qualified and experienced teams to design MEP (mechanical, engineering, plumbing) systems across all sectors. Our talented engineers are trained to deliver first class building service solutions and innovative designs, along with a dedicated project commitment which underpins our ability to create long term partnerships with our clients.


We believe true value comes from collaboration, which is why we draw on the experience and skills of our in-house specialists and experts from all departments when approaching a new project. From small scale projects to multimillion-pound schemes. We’ve undertaken wide ranging energy saving initiatives for various sectors. Through the use of highly sophisticated software systems, we are able to manage and analyse efficiencies remotely, so you don’t have to.


We are experts in design, installation and repair of district heating plant rooms so we know what it takes to provide a complete service that is efficient and environmentally friendly when distributing heat in a centralised location. Our expertise in renewable energy allows us to offer the best strategy to help you reduce carbon emissions, cut costs and ensure you’re compliant with government legislations.


Globally, the contribution of renewable energy technologies in primary energy production remains relatively low. We recognise the potential technology can have on renewable energy and we’re excited for the future it holds. We cover all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects. We bring expertise in the latest generation technologies – solar, geothermal, biomass, combined heat and power (CHP) and waste to energy. We assist government agencies and provide advice to companies seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable assets.


From a leaking pipe to the complete replacement of a boiler plant room, we have you covered. We offer full service to commercial heating and ventilation solutions, tailored to meet your business needs. We’re renowned for our second to non-commercial heating and pipework installations, so you’re in safe hands. Our team will be with you every step of the way to provide everything you need.